The most important e-commerce event


Sao Paulo, Brazil, March 13-14th, 2014

Welcome to the 4th edition of the E-merging markets e-commerce Summit. Launched in 2010, this has become Brazils- and Latin America´s – most important e-commerce gathering. It is part of a cycle of similar conferences organized by Latin Pacific in major Latin American cities.

The E-merging e-commerce Summit takes place in march 13-14th – at the beginning of the year – and offers a unique perspective on the where the USD 12 billion Brazilian markets is heading as well as a good opportunity for networking and generating new business. We expect more tan 2000 professionals from the markets to participate in the following areas:


A high level international conference
(paid entrance)

Created by leading e-commerce merchants and professionals as a Forum to debate in order to promote the growth of the industry and address important issues.
With a series of panels held simultaneously in two different auditoriums
with a series of panel and keynotes two simultaneous sessions designed to address the needs of large and medium size merchants.

Exhibition hall & Doctor Web
(Entrance free)

The exhibition hall include:

  1. Stands from sponsors and providers of e-commerce and digital marketing services
  2. Space for free educational panels and case presentations focused on SME.
  3. “ Doctor web” express consultancy by recognized experts on how to improve usability for online stores.
  4. Mentoring and expert consultations


Camara e-net’s “Ciclo MPE”
(Entrance free)

Camara e-net, Latin Americas largest chamber of e-commerce, organize every year at e-merging markets an extension of their half day workshop on e-commerce for small and medium size companies.



Mark Loucks has been appointed International Director of the E-merging e-commerce Summit in Sao Paulo

Mark is CEO and co-founder of Grupo de Consultoria Ponte and advises international retailers and e-commerce software companies on how to start their business in Brazil and Latin America. He also consults for Brazilian e-commerce companies on how to enter international markets.

He is a much welcome addition to the E-merging team as e-commerce business is increasingly demonstrating interest in exploring opportunities beyond country and continent borders.

Mark says : “As a sponsor, speaker, and participant over the last three years it is an honor and privilege participate at this level in the organization. This is one of the premiere emerging market e-commerce events in Latin America and with the e-commerce growth in the market it provides an excellent opportunity to share and learn.”

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