Ricardo Jordão


My professional goal is to help entrepreneurs and executives to have a company they can be proud of. A company that they can be assure that has a innovate approach and a human touch.

I help my clientes achieves that goals thought sales & marketing consulting selling which has a innovative and provocative approach that really impact clients companies botton line.

You can have a very good glimpse of what I believe and do at BIZREVOLUTION http://www.bizrevolution.com.br

BIZREVOLUTION´s web site offers thousands of my slides and writing free for people who can´t pay or do´t want to pay for my services.

I believe that sharing what I know helps spreading my message and impact positive the world.

BIZREVOLUTION clients includes: Ikeda, Dana, AMD, Caixa, IBM, HP, Microsoft and several small companies that has big soul, character, and works hard in the backstage of the business world changing their markets.

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