Roberto Thiele


25 years experience in technology business. Work as co-entrepreneur, entrepreneur, executive, adviser or consultant. Good on sales, marketing, strategy, corporate governance and international markets. Strong skills in the digital and mobile worlds.

Managed the start up of ~35 companies, most in the digital space – internet (IP) and telecom (mobile) intensive. Experience with international business build up to Consumers (B2C), Enterprises (B2B), Telcos (B2T), B2B2C and ISPs (wholesale).

Managed corporate jets sales for ~3 years. Started career working for a large American bank.

Graduated as Aeronautical Engineer, with Post Graduation in Telecom Management, Marketing and Business Administration.

Brazilian and European citizenship.

– Digital business management, development, sales and marketing
– Management of international expansion and operations
– Telecom (mobile), Internet (IP) and start ups in general

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