Renato Mendes

Bachelor Degree in Communications, Postgraduate Certificate in Finance

13 years experience in Marketing and Communications

Public and Media Relations
Social Media
Digital Marketing
Corporate Branding
Internal Communications

. Company Spokesperson, Speaker at the most relevant Digital Marketing, PR and E-commerce conferences of the country, Professor at Social Media, PR and E-commerce courses

. Fluent in Portuguese, English and Spanish

Mariano Gomide

Graduado em Engenharia Mecânica pela UFRJ, há 11 anos na área de CRM e E-commerce. Iniciou sua carreira no mercado financeiro com passagens por corretoras como Senso e Banco Icatu. Fundou a VTEX junto com Geraldo Thomaz no início do ano de 2000.

Seu principal objetivo é orientar as diretorias de Vendas e Marketing, Serviços, Gestão Operacional e Outsourcing.

Roberto Wajnsztok

Anteriormente , foi Diretor de Marketing Ecommerce Walmart Brasil , Gerente de Marketing Ecommerce, Gerente de Marketing Digital

Enio Garbin

Business executive with industry expertise and experience on Retail, Digital Retailing, Consumer Products Goods and Telecom markets along with 17 years of development and management of Information Technology Operations from strategic planning to commercial and technical execution. Experience in coordination and execution of technical and sales processes, business development and customer relationships. Strong sense of leadership and excellent cross-functional and cross-countries interaction.

Marcos Pueyrredon

Leading businessman industry of Information Technology and Communications TICs in Latin America. Holds studies of Business Administration with specializations in Marketing and TICs. He developed his career in multinational companies in the area Planning and marketing, taking their responsibilities within the implementation of ebusiness policies.

He is Vice President for Latin America VTEX. Founded in 1999, this company is a technology leader and pioneer in eCommerce marketing of software as a service (SaaS). Located in the cities of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico DF, Santiago, Bogota and Buenos Aires, the company offers solutions to Latin American virtual stores of all sizes and industries.

Also is Director at Latinvia a company founded in 1999 and dedicated to the development, integration, and operation of information technological solutions. The company provides a wide range of products and ebusiness services through the usage of their proprietary technology framework LTV Technology® and through the integration of their Partner’s technologies.

Now, in addition to his responsibilities at the private level, is Treasur Director of the Argentine Chamber of Electronic Commerce (CACE). He was founder of the Center for Telework of the National Technological University UTN. He was founder, director and now is the President of the Latin American Institute of Electronic Commerce and university teaching in the subject in different Graduate Master and at the national and international levels.

Timely Advice to companies, associations and institutions in Latam on subjects related eCommerce, eBusiness, Telework, New Technologies and Applied ebusiness; for a better functional performance and professional.

It has rendered more than 400 Seminars, Workshops and courses eCommerce and eBusiness.

He is the author of numerous papers and articles in specialized media on the subject. It is active in projects and programs related TIC’s and the ebusiness in Latin America.

Marcelo Theodoro

Business Leader responsible for all Digital Convergence strategy and execution, including but not limited to:

• e-Commerce & Digital Commerce
• MasterPass & Staged Digital Wallet Operators
• Mastercard SecureCode
• Mobile Contactless (NFC, etc.)
• Mobile POS

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